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Navis World is an invitation only, 3-day conference that offers Navis customers and partners the chance to network and learn about the latest technology breakthroughs and innovations that are changing the way we do business in the industry.

At Navis World 2019, you can look forward to a schedule packed with keynotes, interactive sessions and networking activities that will allow you to connect and collaborate with marine terminal operators, ocean carriers and supply chain professionals across the globe. As we all work together to help optimize the ocean supply chain, Navis World provides a forum to engage and inform you on how to improve terminal operational performance and ocean supply chain efficiency.

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How Frustration Can Make Us More Creative - Tim Harford


Tim Harford is a a world-renowned behavioral economist, award-winning Financial Times columnist, and BBC broadcaster. Described as ‘Britain’s Malcolm Gladwell,’ and by the New Statesman as ‘perhaps the best popular economics writer in the world,’ he offers a distinctive blend of storytelling, humor and intelligence. A regular TED speaker, Tim looks at why it’s so hard – yet so important – to learn from mistakes, how to deal with uncertainty, how forecasting works and what to do when it doesn’t, and how frustration can lead to ultimate forms of innovation and creativity.

What to Do When Machines Do Everything; How Robotics is Changing the Workplace - Robert Brown


Robert Brown will explore the impact and implications of advanced AI and robotics with a keynote from Rob Brown, part of Cognizant's Center for the Future of Work, on "What to Do When Machines Do Everything", a fascinating look at how automation and AI will transform and enhance the workplace across industries. Rob Brown is a prolific author of books and papers on robotics, automation, and augmented reality, and has worked extensively in Cognizant's Business Accelerator leadership to drive the development of its intelligent automation strategy.

Creating a Culture of Courage: The New Leadership Challenge - Cindy Solomon


As companies ask their employees to take more risks, fight against legacy experiences, innovate at every turn and anticipate the future, courage is becoming an ever more critical leadership and job skill. Cindy shares the learnings of over 8,700 interviews about courage, leadership, and success within our ever-changing corporate cultures. Cindy helps audiences, regardless of title or organization learn to courageously lead through industry disruption and consolidation while at the same time, creating exceptional customer and employee experiences.

Interactive Workshops

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Learn from your peers through collaborative workshops. Navis World 2019 will feature a series of interactive sessions to facilitate conversation and best practice sharing.

Industry & Product Updates

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Hear information on product updates and the latest trends that are driving the marine shipping industry forward.

Technology Exhibition Hall

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Meet with Navis, XVELA and partner experts for demos and get your questions answered on products that can boost performance in your operations.


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Navis World Video

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